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In todays watch market, buyers are spoiled. You can own vintage mechanical watches any variant, any feature, any material and any price category. In each category, you will find many brands offering competitive products. Its overwhelming, but it means you'll never feel lost when looking for that particular watch (or five). Yes, I am an old-fashioned watch enthusiast. For a modern watch geek, this old obsession may seem curious. For ordinary laymen, this is absolutely crazy. I am the kind of madman looking for unpolished cases, perfect vintage mechanical watches, and esoteric content such as original crystals and stamped warranty documents. I am an old-fashioned nut that does not hide and apologizes. I want to do a case for my obsession; not to prove it or to convince anyone that it is superior to some extent, but just to explain that motivating me to look for an old-fashioned watch instead of buying a new one. I have a degree in history black mechanical watches and historical works have always been particularly mechanical watches attractive to me. It is a very romantic concept for me to have an object from another period that has been used for decades. It may be related to some important events. I have an old-fashioned vintage mechanical luxury watches mechanical watches because it connects directly to the space program and the moon landing. I am eager for the early Rolex vintage mechanical watches... and because of my favorite writer, the always-famous vintage mechanical watches, while wearing two historical masters of history. Another reason, uniqueness, is the exclusiveness of having vintage works. Anyone can walk into the dealership and buy a new watch. Retro watches are more unique and elusive, not because of their price, but for the few collectors who wear and trade them. Finding a good vintage piece requires hunting, researching and screening dozens of examples until you find "that". Some people look for the Holy Grail watch - for me, every vintage watch is a holy grail that needs to be pursued. This stimuli is as much as chasing when you have damn things. Some old-fashioned enthusiasts will loudly claim that wine is better than modern mass-produced garbage. and I don't have any delusions about old-fashioned things. This is not better. Typically, it is even worse in terms of performance, reliability and finishing. For a highly collectible work, the price does not reflect the basic value of the work, but only reflects its rarity. This is not to say that retro is rubbish, far from it. You can have a reliable, everyday watch made decades ago. But in terms of finishing and overall quality, new things have won. You need to be aware of this when collecting the year - just because the price goes into the stratosphere does not mean that the project will be excellent. This is usually not the case.